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It was Flooding Down in...Warren, Ohio, on October 16, 2021

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

According to Stevie Ray Vaughn's Texas Flood, it's flooding down in Texas, as any blues rock fan well knows; however, his big brother Jimmie Vaughn flooded Robins Theater last night with his unique Texas blues rock sound. The entire audience was happily awash in a lot o' well-varied blues, some rockabilly, a pinch of country-western, and even a trip back to 1961 for an audience sing-along (well, we sang the chorus and Jimmie's guitar "sang" the rest of the lyrics and did so perfectly) of fellow Texan Bruce Channel's "Hey, Baby.". In a pair of badass Texas boots, black tuxedo pants, a black shadow-checked jacket. all topped off with a classic rockabilly 'do, Jimmie Vaughn wielded his white Stratocaster and seemingly effortlessly, effectively conveyed the amalgamation of the genres, the sounds, and the experiences that shaped his musical journey. I, for one, was happy to go along with him for a couple of hours.

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