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Big Show in the Small Town of Kittanning, PA

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

July 31, 2021, was a flawless summer day and Riverfront Park in Kittanning, PA, was a wonderful place to be on such a day. The heat of the summer sun and its glimmer off of the gentle waves of the Allegheny as the boats ambled about, the aroma of the goodies wafting from the food trucks, and the happy anticipation of a friendly crowd let you know that you were exactly where you wanted to be. On any summer Saturday that would be a fine scene to take in and be a part of but this particular Saturday was a special one: JJ Grey and Mofro were playing as part of the Arts on the Allegheny concert series! They put on a wonderful show, as usual, with their swampy, funky, bluesy, rockin' sound reaching all who were in listening distance, from right in front of the stage to the top tier of the amphitheater to those at the periphery of the crowd, in the far reaches of the park. We were all tapping, clapping, cheering, and there was some shakin' goin' on, too, as there always is at a JJ Grey & Mofro show. A little somethin'-somethin' was added to the setlist for this show, though, since this was a riverside venue: This River , which was wonderful to hear live. "Where did my soul go? Where did my spirit hide?" are two questions asked in the lyrics of that particular song and I think I speak for many when I say that I got answers to both, as my camera and I took in this spectacular show, which took place on a perfect night at the perfect venue.

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1 Comment

John Bernat
John Bernat
Aug 08, 2021

Awsome show and fantastic pictures

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