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330 Meets 662: Christone Kingfish Ingram, 8.12, 21 @ Robins Theater in Warren, Ohio

Different area codes are just the tip of the contrast iceberg between the worlds of northern Mississippi and northeastern Ohio but last sultry summer night, those worlds collided in auditorily epidemic proportions and it was FANTASTIC! After the heartfelt heartland-rock set by the talented Cerny Brothers, we Steel Valley/Rust Belt fans gave an enthusiastic welcome to Christone Kingfish Ingram and his band, who played to all parts of the room, from floor to gilded ceiling, and generally blew the roof off of the beautiful historic Robins Theater in downtown Warren, Ohio. Kingfish’s rhythm section hit the stage at 9pm sharp, drummer, bassist, and keyboard soundin’ all tight and talented. Someone was missing at first, though; we heard him, but didn’t see him…then, he materialized on stage wielding a red guitar (which went great with the red shoes, by the way) and utterly, totally, and completely BROUGHT IT. Christone Kingfish Ingram is truly a triple threat, or triple treat, as it were; wonderful vocals, songwriting that grabs you by the ears and brings you into bits and pieces of his world, and virtuosity on the guitar. It was a thrill to see him live, finally, and it’s going to be seriously exciting to watch and listen to where this young man’s career takes him.

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