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Snow and Joe, Shins and Quads

November 27, 2021 wasn't as bad as November 20, 2021, but it was a bad day. It was one week since a heartbreaking loss, two days after the dubious first holiday since said heartbreaking loss, and the first snow of the season; all of which were unwelcome developments. However, the good news was that Joe Bonamassa was in town, a mere three and a half miles from home at the Covelli Centre! After a short but frigid and slushy drive, my camera and I were in place and I heard, felt, and captured the driving rumble of Evil Mama, with which he opened the show to a crowd that was clearly happy as hell to be there to hear it sneak up on us in the dark of night. Joe followed with Love Ain't a Love Song , which had a little funky snap to it that we all loved. The high point of the show for me, though, was I Didn't Think She Would Do It because there is NOTHING I don't love about that perfectly brash rockin' blues specimen. That is one of the songs that epitomizes all that I love about Joe and his music, and much of this show epitomized all that I love about live blues rock and I'm sure glad that I went, but it was not an easy show to photograph; we were restricted from the pit and could only shoot from the side isles, no closer than 15 feet, which put me--even at the towering height of 4'11'--in the way of the people in the first row on the side. In an effort to not block anyone's view, I spent the first three songs taking pics in kneeling/squatting positions. So I have a bruise on the left shin, one on the right knee, sore quadriceps, and a bunch of pics from roughly the same angle to show for it...but I would do it all over again tonight, if I could!

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